Marie Wieck Describes Cloud Support for Mobile

Marie Wieck Discusses Extension of IBM Mobile Enterprise Including Cloud Support for Healthcare and Mobile For All Industries

Marie Wieck General Manager of IBM WebSphere discussed delivery of a comprehensive end-to-end mobile solution for the enterprise and for hospitals today. Mobile enterprise capability helps transform a business. Mobile access to backend systems in a seamless way is driving key client initiatives

WebSphere supports the ability to accelerate and extend capabilities for development, integration and management of rich mobile applications. This is key to achieving competitive advantage as tablet and smart phone markets evolve. WinterGreen Research anticipates 20 billion Internet connected devices by 2019 and sales of 500 million table units per year in 2025, representing 6 billion tables in the installed base by 2019.

IBM additional of new and enhanced offerings include: Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management: simplifying mobile application development across platforms, IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices and IBM Social collaboration software. Unified endpoint management comes with integrated mobile security. Mobile access to enterprise social collaboration is expected to achieve significant benefit in brand positioning.

According to Marie Wieck growth in Internet Connected Devices, Mobile and Cloud are top spending priorities for CIOs. IBM has positioned to support wireless pervasive applications development It has positioned to address enterprise priorities for security. There is a 75% top priority in mobile investment in the IBM enterprise markets. Growth in connected devices has occurred so that data traffic exceeds voice traffic IBM has positioned to let its data clients leverage applications building using WebSphere and Rational products to achieve the meeting of the need to achieve faster time to market with new products.

The aim is to differentiate reach and differentiate what the user experiences in a range of mobile applications. In the new era of Watson for healthcare applications, mobile applications are anticipated to be leveraged by every type of clinical provider to improve the quality and timeliness of care delivery.

The IBM model supports maximum productivity of employees as they seek to transform clinician and patient experience and interactions, transform consumer loyalty, interest partners in the company offerings, and engage with current customers around new mobile applications functions.

Enterprise mobile platforms are enabling smarter mobile cloud based computing. Cloud computing permits the enterprise to work across geographies and across industries to achieve a transformation of services. The aim is to build, connect, and transform functionality in order to support a different style of device uses, often leveraging cloud computing.

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