Dr. Neudecker Leads Infinite Power Solutions’ (IPS) Thin-Film Battery Research

Infinite Power Solutions’ (IPS) has a world class manufacturing facility in Littleton, Colorado, the first of its kind worldwide.  Dr. Neudecker leads IPS research and has international leadership in the solid state thin-film battery field.    Dr. Neudecker has a career in thin-film battery research .  Before joining Infinite Power Solutions, he participated in some of the earliest innovations in the field while working on the permanent research staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).   At Oak Ridge, he co-invented the ORNL thin-film battery technology by developing new nitride and sub-nitride Lithium-ion thin-film anodes as well as the “Li-free” battery, which combines the most desirable properties of a Li-ion and a Li battery.

 Raised in Stuttgart, Germany, Dr. Neudecker earned his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Stuttgart and the Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research in Germany.  IPS is a privately-held, venture capital backed technology company.  IPS THINERGY is the leading Thin Film Micro-Energy Cell Power Solution.  THINERGY® MEC products are thin-film batteries or TFBs.  They provide performance.  They provide power density, capacity and cycle life.

The IPS family of THINERGY Micro-Energy Cell products represents an entirely new class of electronic component that is ultra-thin and flexible; providing nearly loss less energy storage along with unrivaled rechargeability, cycle life, and power performance.   This revolutionary solid-state nano technology enables industry-leading charge efficiency.  THINERGY MEC is a storage device for energy harvesting recharge solutions.

IPS THINERGY micro-energy cells (MECs) are ultra-thin, solid-state, rechargeable, energy storage solutions that serve a variety of vertical markets.

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