IBM Has 50 Years of Healthcare Automation

by Susan Eustis

IBM is marking the 50th Anniversary of the first electronic medical record EMR.  February 18, 50 years ago the first electronic medical record system was installed at a children’s hospital in Akron, Ohio. Akron Children’s Hospital in 1962, worked with IBM to build the first computer-based patient information system to centralize patient records, allow sharing of patient information, eliminating of paperwork, and alerting of nurses when patients needed their medications.

Progress in major electronic medical records systems by Kaiser and Mayo have carried early implementations ideas forward. Now IBM is taking a quantum leap forward by implementation of Watson for healthcare.

Fifty years after Akron Children’s made history, only 1% of hospitals are really using them to their full potential. Watson is positioned to facilitate the physician diagnostics process through sophisticated automation. More about Watson at

IBM has smart analytics system healthcare provider solutions as well.  The IBM Smart analytics system gives healthcare provider’s workload optimized predictive analytic solutions.  The aim is to uncover patient insight, to reduce member risk, and to increase plan effectiveness.

An integrated platform provides healthcare providers broad analytics capabilities.   This is a significant automated process platform that provides a foundation for solutions that make a difference in people’s lives.

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