Breathalyzer — Markets Reach $3.2 Billion By 2018

Breathalyzer   —  Markets Reach $3.2 Billion By 2018

LEXINGTON, Massachusetts (February 3, 2012) – WinterGreen Research announces that it has a new study on Breathalyzer Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012-2018.  The 2012 study has 317 pages, 111 tables and figures.

A substance abuser in control of a vehicle or heavy equipment is a menace.  Demand for effective detection of alcohol impairment, or of blood alcohol content (BAC) in individuals engaged in work or driving is expanding.  Alcohol plays an integral part in every society.

In the United States, alcohol plays a part in half the automobile fatalities and nearly half of all industrial accidents.  For employers, alcohol abuse accounts for two thirds of all substance abuse complaints and depletes a similar percentage from the health care benefit budgets of American companies.

A breathalyzer is a device for estimating blood alcohol content (BAC) from a breath sample. “Breathalyzer” is the brand name of a series of models made by one manufacturer National Draeger.  It has become a generalized trademark for instruments.  Intoxilyzer, Intoximeter, AlcoScan, Alcotest, AlcoSensor, Alcolizer, Datamaster include brand names in use.

The U.S. Government’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration maintains a “Conforming Products List” of breath alcohol devices approved for evidentiary use, as well as for preliminary screening use.  In Canada, a preliminary non-evidentiary screening device can be approved by Parliament as an approved screening device and an evidentiary breath instrument can be similarly designated as an approved instrument.

Alcohol related accidents kill someone every 31 minutes and injure someone every 2 minutes in the US.  Alcohol and drugs cause serious disruption to the workforce when present among employees.  Breath contains important markers that can be used to monitor health status of patients.

Alcohol usage can result in reduced and low quality work output, damaged customer relations, and poor company perception.  Potentially critical errors can occur in computer operation. Each of these will have a negative cost impact to the company.

There are the issues of increased absenteeism and sickness, more frequent lateness for work, and increased risk of theft of property and cash from the company and other staff.

Draeger “Breathalyzer” is the brand name of a series of models.  It has become genericized.  Breathalyzer has become a way to reference all instruments that measure alcohol consumption via analysis of the breath.   Draeger Breathalyzer uses technology that filters out substances like acetone.  Substances in the environment can also lead to false BAC readings.   Homeostatic variables are used to make measurements.

Breathalyzer markets at $284.6 million in 2011 are anticipated to reach $3.2 billion in 2018.  Market growth comes in large part from development of a new market for breath analysis as a healthcare diagnostic tool.

WinterGreen Research is an independent research organization funded by the sale of market research studies all over the world and by the implementation of ROI models that are used to calculate the total cost of ownership of equipment, services, and software.  The company has 35 distributors worldwide, including Global Information Info Shop, Market, Research and Markets, Bloomberg, and Thompson Financial.






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