IBM Smarter Service Assurance for Service Providers

IBM Smarter Service Assurance for Service Providers
Smarter communications is needed to enable new services & business models. Service assurance depends on key imperatives:

Operations dexterity
Modernization of customer relationships
Innovation achieved via support from business leadership

Services providers have been concentrating on building out cost-effective ultra-fast broadband deployments.  The strategy to support this is one that implements network built in ability to achieve customer insights.  The aim is to enhance customer experience and optimize network cost. IBM smarter service assurance for service providers is providing a robust set ot tools that support:

Culture of collaboration
Cost containment
Agile, flexible and reconfigurable processes
Agile, flexible and reconfigurable infrastructure
Common Critical Success Attributes

IBM customers demonstrate the ability to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs. IBM systems for service providers let the users differentiate the customer experience. IBM software support for service providers means on the network it is possible to create, manage, and monetize better customer experiences.

IBM systems for service providers support the ability to rapidly launch partner arrangements.  Users can exploit advanced analytics.  Systems support maximized effectiveness of customer interactions.  The aim is to leverage integrated service management.

The aim is to leverage intelligence for differentiation.  The aim is to optimize self-service. Web portals rely on carrier grade performance and scalability to deliver highly secure, quality assured services.

The IBM service provider network systems is able to permit users to exploit evolving analytics capability.  Static thresholds that have been established can be enhanced by creating multiple sub-threasholds that collectively form a dynamic threshold.

Multivariate analytics are built off linear prediction to achieve non-linear prediction.  This is based on proven IBM InfoSphere streams analytics.  The IBM service provider system is able to consider behavior of multiple metrics together.  It is able to learn normal behavior.  It is able to discover which metrics are related to each other.  In this manner the system is smarter than competitive systems.  The IBM service provider analytics promise to permit businesses everywhere to implement systems that provide significant competitive advantage.

IBM InfoSphere streams analytics can detect anomalies rapidly, as metrics deviate from normal behavior individually and from the correlated group.  The system works with a combination of univariate and multivariate techniques to produce fast and reliable anomaly detections and predictions.

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