Cloud Computing using zEnterprise

Cloud computing is evolving with security and reliability as the key aspects of making the IT more responsive to the needs of the line of business. The line of business needs to be able to put up Linux web based applications quickly and have those operate in a secure reliable server environment. The new zEnterprise and WebSphere SOA enable this type of computing environment. Users can create applications quickly and effectively.

IBM Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Modular Product Structure
• A business-centric software integration suite
• IT set of products that support integrating back end process with Web Services
• SOA is a set of integration modules
• SOA modules work in combination with a repository for those modules
• SOA permits a business to web enable what were silos of back end systems
• SOA permits a business to interconnect what were silos of back end systems
• SOA includes an architectural approach
• Supports integrating business
• Supports implementing process as linked, repeatable business tasks
• Used to implement business services that have some complexity behind them
• Smart SOA approach supports expression of value is part of the IT continuum
• SOA is useful at every aspect of the IT continuum
• Useful for departmental projects
• Useful for enterprise-wide initiatives
Source: WinterGreen Research, Inc.

IBM SOA is foundation software that is used to create processes that are interoperable and fully modular. Systems architects can use SOA to allow for the selection of components on a build-as-you-go basis. By adding components as new requirements need to be addressed, existing code bases can be extended and modernized,

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  1. This is all very new to me and this article really opened my eyes.Thanks for sharing with us your wisdom.

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