Modernization and System z Development Track

Hayden Lindsey
Hayden is responsible for the enterprise modernization solution within IBM Rational development. He has the modeling and construction and enterprise architecture parts of the portfolio. He is working on enterprise modernization in the context of choosing the right platform for the application after the application has been developed. Applications and middleware can run on any platform, so the task is to get the modernization done, and then make sure that the platform choice is right for the task at hand. He is concerned about making people more productive.
His team has built modern Eclipse based tools and an EGL multi platform language that lets people work together on common infrastructure. Now code can run in a browser as well as anywhere else, and IBM creates a spectrum of development for multi platform systems.
The first step is to access where the client is. The projects that transform old technology to new business process depend on a framework that identifies the business goals. One aim is to seek to identify and consolidate the large number of applications that are able to be implemented with fewer applications, achieving new systems that can be measured as a factor of 10 improvement.
Hayden talks about the ability to save money as part of the process of consolidating a set 400 applications to 47 applications.
Once a road-map is in place, the business process is mapped into the IT space in the context of best practice.
Applications portfolio management depends on application modernization. Teams are used to implement the changes that are needed.
Data center consolidation depends on setting goals and measuring progress toward systems that implement the goals. Jazz platform and Rational team concert provide real time data and traceability so people can observe what is going on.
Complexity is always part of the process of going to modern business language. The aim is to hide the complexity while still providing access to all aspects of the system if need be. Service enabling, web enabling systems makes them maintainable and able to be built.
This provides new capability for business to respond to changing market conditiions. IBM has a PC that can be used to develop programs for the mainframe. In this way, the programs can be developed offline.

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