Kristof Kloeckner General Manager IBM Software, Rational

Kristof Kloeckner has articulated a software systems approach to innovation that is compelling and reasonable. The call to innovate resonates with business leaders who need to achieve competitive advantage. Stagnation is easy, but it represents sure decline. Innovation depends on embracing modern software development practices.

Software-driven innovation is a key aspect of modern business systems implementation. Innovation depends on having services oriented architecture (SOA) systems that permit developers to be responsive to market changes at the line of business level. Innovation is evolving at every level of industry segmentation: Mobile banking is expected to be the most widely used banking channel by 2020, robotic surgery has decreased the mortality rate of bypass surgery by more than sixfold.

Innovation is able to improve software systems delivery. Nationwide Insurance is delivering innovative services in one third the time and cost it previously took to do the same things. Innovation depends on automated process that uses efficient modeling and modules or reusable code.

Integrate, collaborate, and optimize are the three prongs of an innovation strategy articulated by Mr. Kloeckner. Integration for developers means connecting process and information using software, data, and tools. The ability to move information across applications in an automated manner is a core part of implementing automated process.

Collaboration depends on providing management and communication tools so that development occurs in the context of unifying teams. A unified team is able to tackle new projects in an orderly way, providing essential innovative systems in a timely manner. Teams need to be put together across organizational boundaries and across cultures in the globally integrated enterprise.

Members of teams need to collaborate efficiently, and IBM has developed many tools and systems that support posts where any member of a team can see what is going on for a project at any time, fostering collaboration. Many of these systems come from the open source community and are adapted to the enterprise.

IBM Rational has been working to simplify governance creating systems that hide much of the complexity from the user. The aim has been to make those governance systems flexible and easy to change so they can be responsive to market conditions. Plans, scope, and measures to optimize systems have been a priority.

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