Steve Mills Presents at Software Group Meeting

Steve Mills Presents at Software Group Meeting –  Cloud Computing Part of Software Initiatives

IT strategy is positioned to bring balance to business.  The IT portfolio consists of data bases, transaction processing capability, messaging, and support for services oriented architecture: SOA.  IBM has a focus on supporting newer systems, helping data center managers make intelligent incremental investment.

The themes in industries relate to specifics around smarter plant.  Industry focus leads IT to implement business analytics and to leverage social networking.  IBM has acquired analytics software companies with an aim to bring new decision support capability to all levels of management.

Security technology is evolving and IBM has brought the different initiatives into one division.  Security technology can do some things that are transformative and the single division is poised to create significant market opportunity for IBM.  The nature of the IT challenge has shifted as more data is being managed across more divisions.   The silos are disappearing, integration of systems is the norm.

Industry solution analytics leverage software as a service offerings.  Lotus live cloud offerings provide improved communication in the enterprise.  Market place strategies are evolving to meet challenges.   IT is seeing a significant shift toward more efficiency.  Less expensive systems are being driven by cloud implementations.  Assembler state machine fundamentals are continuing to be improved inside machines so that systems are able to do more, and have better, more efficient, effective automated process.

Industry solution analytics improve the economics of a company, supporting implementation of practical business solutions.  Analytics are being implemented in the context of big data,  leveraging IBM Watson.  At the same time hardware is cheaper compute capacity and storage capacity are improving.  Telecom bandwidth improvements provide different ways to apply economically viable solutions to IT.  IT process is used in addressing problems posed by economic conditions.

Improving manufacturing of components is a priority.  Silicon based devices provide better performance and permit systems techniques to apply to problems beyond what have been addressed previously.

Enterprise business process is able to be adapted to a level of system performance that is remarkable.  Performance of remote systems make the prior constraints of distance disappear.  Distance server capabilities can make them look like they are local.  Applications can be served by someone else.  IT investment is underlying the art of the possible.  Geographical growth is occurring.  The geo economies follow the patterns of the economies and the political rise of the mature economies.  The geo growth is significant for those countries and does not matter to  existing western economies.  There is no inherent decline in existing mature economies, just because there is emerging market growth.

IBM has invested in emerging markets.  There is a pattern of consumption there that depends on the IT systems IBM can supply.   IBM is positioned to accomplish smarter planet.  It seeks to capture business from emerging market opportunities.  The technology industry knowledge base is a significant help to emerging economies.  Industry sales is more of a priority in this context.

Clients adding line of business systems can drive decisions.   Customers care about infrastructure service quality.  The systems have a technocentric influence of importance for the line of business.  The line of business managers have begun to take an interest in achieving influence over IT to make sure the right technology is chosen.  They control the IT budgets in many cases.  The line of business looks to choose industry vertical systems that work in an integrated manner.

Solving problems at a departmental level is enhanced.  Critical compliance problems are solved more easily with new systems.  Healthcare solutions are more efficient and at the same time more robust.  End to end electronic commerce is being implemented.

Vertical shifts have been happening for decade.  Vertical systems continue to have high value as they support scalability, availability, adaptivity, reliability, and secutiry  The new strategic plans are to take these same virtues and make them applicable to horizontal systems.  The modernization trends implement systems that enable computing solutions that are integrated.   New features make it possible to customize applications for a more granular approach to automated process.

IBM has crafted an IT strategy geared toward relevancy in customer support.  This is not a commodity approach to addressing a set of needs, rather a set of tools that gives companies a way for talent in the company to implement solutions relevant from an industry perspective.

The aim is to expand the software offerings and continue to dominate the industry with a portfolio of leading information products that provide integrated solutions to business problems.   The solutions work in an open systems environment, letting companies choose what they consider to be best of breed solutions, but to support systems integration in that context.  The aim is too provide solutions that are relevant to what a customer wants.

IBM is set to deliver core middleware applicable in an industry context.    IBM solution oriented technology is able to ingest middleware.  Systems are built ot be reliable and durable.   Security, risk management, and compliance expand core competencies. IT support for business capabilities is a broad issue addressed by IBM in a professional manner.

The aim is to turn information into insight.   New systems drive integration.

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