GreenWay is a collaborative of leading business, technology, and sustainability experts concentrating on trends and best practices in IT data center energy consumption. An ongoing, comprehensive study generates a quarterly Research Report and continuously updated Knowledge Base that will become the authoritative reference data set for addressing IT data center power usage, trends, and best practices. Updated Research Reports will be published quarterly and Knowledge Base query rights, modeling access, and reprints are available via sponsorship.
Our charter is to provide a clear, unbiased, and accurate analytical insight by way of our comprehensive Knowledge Base and modeling tools. Results will be categorized according to usage elements by data center size, equipment classification and type, geographic region, and industry verticals.
GreenWay will examine current methods and industry trends over the short and long term. The research will provide snapshot and trend information, looking backwards to 2005 as well as five to 10 years into the future. The research will enable users to better understand the current state of the practice, state of the art, and state of the possible



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